Hormone Optimization

Prior to age 30, your body is finely-tuned and highly productive. Both age and the harmful effects of long-standing high stress will make you steadily lose both fine-tuning and productivity. These changes occur in part because of decreases in production of multiple body hormones.

Every part of your daily life (physical, mental, emotional) is closely linked to your hormone status. With gradual declines of hormone levels, you often ignore or discount gradual declines in how you feel (energy, endurance, productivity, sleep, mood, libido).

By returning body hormone production to optimal levels, you can regain and maintain much of what you’ve lost. In the process, your progress will be followed to help maximize your gains and to help keep you on track.

Knowing what to do is just as important as doing it. When you have knowledge and use it for self-improvement, you are in control of your health. It’s an enviable place to be. When you achieve control, you will not relinquish it.