1. Why does your concierge program work better than other programs?

Highly personalized, close physician monitoring and high level of physician availability.


  1. What are the most frequent goals of those who begin the program?

Increased energy, ability to do more physically, improved memory and productivity.


  1. What is “hormone boosting?”

Increasing production of your own hormones when levels decrease because of chronic stress, illness, injury, getting older or a combination. All hormone increases come from your own hormone production.


  1. What are bio-identical hormones?

Hormones which absorb into your body and function virtually the same as hormones which are produced in your body. These are replacement hormones and are used when low hormone levels can’t be corrected with hormone boosting.


  1. Are health improvements permanent or present only during program participation?

If you stop participation, you gradually lose some, but not all of the improvements resulting from hormone boosting. You keep all improvements resulting from positive changes in exercise and nutrition.


  1. Do you treat hormone conditions other than low testosterone in men and low estrogen in women?

Yes, including low levels of thyroid, DHEA, even growth hormone which can occur at the same time.


  1. Can testosterone cause prostate cancer?

Convincing medical evidence is that prostate cancer more likely will occur if you have low testosterone, not optimal testosterone levels.


  1. How often are blood tests done?

Targeted testing as often as you need. Average 6 months. Range 3-12 months.