If you utilize the right fitness plan or routine, it will help you to live longer and live younger. To be successful, you must:

  • understand exercise and why you do it,
  • enjoy exercise enough to be consistent and
  • achieve positive results.

As with nutrition, there is an exercise routine or plan which will work best for you. Plans differ significantly with major factors such as age, lifestyle and gender. Whichever plan you follow, it is true that, for each day you live, your body and your brain do not remain static but instead decline or advance. If you exercise, you are likely to advance. If you do not exercise, you are likely to decline. Certain elements of your exercise plan are important:

  • that the plan includes both strength training and cardio routines
  • that both strength training and cardio exercise challenge your body, including your brain, enough to make progress in the condition of all areas
  • that you document your progress to increase the feedback you receive from exercise

It’s never too late to start an exercise routine or improve your existing plan. I’ll work with you to get you started, provide what is missing in your current fitness plan and, in both cases, keep track of your progress.