About Us

Thomas J. Berenguer, MD was educated and trained at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.  He is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and was a member of the clinical teaching faculty at Eastern Virginia Medical School for 18 years.  Dr. Berenguer was known for his focus on healthy living and disease prevention.


Dr. Berenguer received certification in age management medicine in 2006 and has practiced in Washington, DC since 2007.  He offers concierge medical programs to men and women, programs which can help to reverse the aging effects of prolonged high stress.


The program includes office and laboratory testing. When hormone declines are suspected and confirmed, treatment programs include lifestyle improvement, hormone boosting and hormone replacement. For replacement, Dr. Berenguer utilizes only bio-identical hormones.


Dr. Berenguer believes that the best way to treat disease is to prevent disease:  “Each of us wants to feel better, be healthier and live longer.  To do so, we need knowledge about the best nutrition and exercise and how to make the changes.  There is no better or wiser investment than investment in your health.” Dr. Berenguer can help you to maximize the return on your investment.